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Mindful Politics

One alternate to letting stress or our differences get the best of us is to practice Mindful Politics. To do so is to transcend Right and Left and get to the heart of what matters.

Melvin McLeod and the editors of the Shambhala Sun are proud to present this sampling of the best writings on mindful politics, featuring refreshing perspectives from Thich Nhat Hanh, John Tarrant, Jerry Brown, Charles R. Johnson, and more.

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The Meaning of Barack Obama

Even before he was president, Obama was a twenty-first global citizen, helping us to transcend parochialism, tribalism, and that most pernicious of fictions race. Here Charles R. Johnson explains and appreciates the man who would become one of the most historic US presidents, even before his first 100 days were through.

Happily Ever After

A gay couple’s decision to wed threw them into the heart of an American culture war. But for he and his partner, Steve Silberman says, embracing the word “marriage” was like unlocking the door to a secret garden.

Politics of a Still Mind

Perry Garfinkel offers an appreciation of the deep personal realization behind Thich Nhat Hanh's philosophy of Engaged Buddhism.

Return to the (Political) World

In the last of Zen's famous ox-herding pictures, the disciple returns to the world with open, helping hands. That includes, says teacher John Tarrant, the messy, neurotic, imperfect world of poliitics — where the bodhisattva way is practice and our realization is put on the line. 

Who Does God Vote For?

Shambhala Sun senior editor Barry Boyce reports on the movement to develop a political platform that is both progresssive and spiritual.

Eight Views on the Practice of Politics

The Politics of Interdependence, Why Democracy Needs Dharma, and six other views on the intersection of Politics and Buddhism. Featuring Richard Reoch, Peter Coyote, David Kaczynski, Jan Willis, Noah Levine, Ken Jones, Alan Senauke, and Charles G. Lief.

Of War and Hope

How do we maintain our faith in human nature when violence is loosed and innocents die? Robin Kornman points us to three 20th-century thinkers who looked into the abyss and yet asserted the transcendent goodness and meaning of life.

Jerry Brown: Zen and the Art of the Possible

He's governed the great state of California, served as mayor to one of its most rapidly-morphing cities, and his interest in Zen and meditation is almost as famous as it is instrumental in his political success. Here Brown talks to Trevor Carolan about it all.

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