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Yoga and Buddhism

There are yoga asanas that can help the physical and mental aspects of your meditation. And your work as a meditator can enrich your practice as a yogi.

These classic teachings from the pages of the Shambhala Sun and Buddhadharma will help you to engage and enhance both yogic and Buddhist practices, individually and together.

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Still Mind, Moving Body

Andrea Miller profiles Cyndi Lee, Sarah Powers, Frank Jude Boccio, Jill Satterfield, and Phillip Moffit — five teachers who combine hatha yoga and Buddhist meditation. Is this the perfect mind–body practice?

Yoga for Meditators

Well-known yoga teacher Desirée Rumbaugh offers a short series of poses that will improve your sitting practice.

The Goddess Pose

Shiva Rea talks with the Sun's Andrea Miller about what she sees as the power of self-less service and about the true and transformative nature of yoga.

Hatha Raja: Yoga's Path to Liberation

As in Buddhism, the true goal of yoga is liberation from ego and suffering. Yoga becomes a complete spiritual path, says Chip Hartranft, translator of the Yoga Sutra, when we join the familiar postures of hatha yoga with the meditative practices of rajah yoga.

More Than Just This Body

A Q&A with yoga teacher Rodney Yee.

The Miracle of Downward Dog: A Buddhist Discovers Hatha Yoga

Yoga came along at the right time for me, or perhaps a little bit late, says Mark Epstein.


Tara Bray sets out to uncover the origin and meaning of savasana—corpse pose—and meditates on her life as a young Southern girl who lost her mother too early.

Adventures in Breathing

Traveling the breath, Zen priest and yoga teacher Edward Espe Brown has found himself in some unexpected places.

Two Roads Diverged

Stephen Cope, Victoria Austin, Richard Freeman and Jill Satterfield on combining yoga and Buddhism.

Yoga Chic and the First Noble Truth

"Yoga and meditation are ultimately about turning our eyes away from the airbrushed images of the outside world," Anne Cushman says, "and looking deep within our own hearts."

Yoga Body, Buddha Mind

A complete spiritual practice—or even just a healthy, satisfying life—requires working with both body and mind. Cyndi Lee and David Nichtern explain why yoga practice and Buddhist meditation is the perfect mind-body combination.

Awakening in the Body

Being mindful of the body is a profound—though often overlooked—opportunity to deepen our meditation and develop our insight, says Phillip Moffitt. Meditating on the body, we discover all four of the Buddha’s noble truths.

Sharing the Mat

Three well-known teachers and practitioners of yoga and Buddhist meditation, Anne Cushman, Phillip Moffitt and Richard Freeman discuss the benefits and pitfalls of bringing both to your mat.

In Conversation: Lama Tsultrim Allione, Sarah Powers, and Shiva Rea

Shiva Rea and Sarah Powers, both featured in our current issue, have a connection with Lama Tsultrim Allione. In this online exclusive, all three talk about the interface between yoga and Buddhism in America, the role of women in these traditions, and the perils and promise of making ancient Asian practices workable in the West. Devon Ward-Thommes guides the conversation.

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