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The Life of the Buddha

A Shambhala Sun guide for viewers of PBS's The Buddha. (Debuted: April 7th, 2010)

Here you'll find links to single articles and collections of material that will help you to investigate themes touched on in the film. Also included is material specifically related to PBS's program, as printed in our May 2010 magazine.

Just click any item's title to begin exploring.

about the film

Shambhala Sun Audio: David Grubin, director of The Buddha

The filmmaker explains how the Buddha came to be his latest subject, what Buddhist teachings mean to him, and what they might mean to us all.

David Grubin: May 2010 Q&A

The complete Q&A, as printed in our May 2010 issue.

further reading from the shambhala sun

Buddhism Basics

These teachings from the Dalai Lama, Pema Chödrön, and other trusted teachers will deepen and reinforce your understanding of the essentials of Buddhism. Perfect for investigating, or starting and maintaining your own personal practice.

How to Meditate

All Buddhist meditation aims to help us find liberation by going against the grain of our usual habits of mind. In this selection of articles from the Shambhala Sun, we present teachings on the various techniques of meditation from all the major schools of Buddhism.

Buddha's Four Noble Truths

Tulku Thondup on the four simple and practical statements that encompass the entire Buddhist path, the Buddha's Four Noble Truths.

It Takes a Sangha

"For positive change to take place in this world," says Noah Levine, "our spiritual practice has to be so much more than just getting our ass on the meditation cushion for some part of each day."

What the Buddha Taught

The Buddha offered a progression of teachings appropriate to people's different spiritual needs. The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche outlines the three turnings of the wheel of dharma.

Understanding Karma

"Only when we see fully the ramifications of karma," writes Reginald Ray, "can we understand who we are and why we are here, connect with the warmth and blessing of the world, and experience genuine compassion for other people."

What Turns the Wheel of Life

Francesca Fremantle on the "wheel of life" and how the Buddha deconstructed it.

more on pbs's "the buddha"

Official website

View the film's trailer on Shambhala SunSpace

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