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Sylvia Boorstein

Sylvia Boorstein, Ph.D. has been a psychotherapist since 1967 and a dharma teacher since the mid-1980s. She is a co-founding teacher of Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California and the author of five books on Buddhism and mindfulness, including Happiness Is An Inside Job: Practicing for a Joyful Life.

This beloved teacher has been a frequent contributor to the Shambhala Sun; below is a selection of the many articles by and about her we've published over the years.

The Only Choice is Kindness

Steve Silberman talks with Sylvia Boorstein about the challenges of life that helped her become such a beloved teacher—and example—of Buddhist virtues.

I Want to Be... Insightful

According to Buddhism, we suffer because we misunderstand the nature of reality. Sylvia Boorstein on developing insight into the way things really are.

The Suffering We Share

At her weekly meditation class, Sylvia Boorstein finds that sharing stories of those we love and worry about leaves her feeling kinder and more connected.

We Shall Overcome Fixed Views

In this web-exclusive essay, Sylvia Boorstein finds peace with someone who voted differently.

How Endings Make Room for Beginnings

In the truth of what has ended, Sylvia Boorstein writes, she can see displays of what might be beginning.

Nonexistent But Precious

Sylvia Boorstein looks at the paradoxes and subtleties in the central Buddhist concept of no-self.

Meeting the Wild World with a Benevolent Heart

Sylva Boorstein makes peace with the woodpeckers diligently drilling holes into her house.

Things That Go Pop in the Mind

Sylvia Boorstein on how the mind manufactures thoughts the way a popcorn machine makes popcorn-and what's delightful about that.

No Blame

“There are no human enemies,” says Sylvia Boorstein, “only confused people needing help.”

Winter Blues

Perhaps, Sylvia Boorstein writes, winter days are an opportunity to look deeply to see what can only bee seen in the dark.

The Most Frequently Asked Question

Does spiritual practice mean we never get angry? No, says Sylvia Boorstein, it's all how you work with it.

The Buddha's Four Noble Truths

The message of Buddha's Four Noble Truths, Sylvia Boorstein says, is that paying attention and seeing clearly lead to behaving impeccably in every moment, out of love, and on behalf of all beings.

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