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Look inside the July 2013 Shambhala Sun magazine

This issue is all about your body — from pleasure and pain, to performance and path: Norman Fischer contemplates the deeper reality of the body, Karen Connelly feels the heat in "Flesh Sex Desire," Thich Nhat Hanh offers three exercises from well-being, and four individuals talk sports and mindfulness.

Plus: Andrea Miller speaks with Jane Goodall, Sumi Loundon Kim tells why (and how) how she quit Facebook, Ruth Ozeki's new novel is reviewed, and more.

this issue's editorial:

Pain Pleasure Performance Path

As Shambhala Sun Deputy Editor Andrea Miller relates, our bodies can be vehicles that spur us to awakening. Learn more about how the new Shambhala Sun investigates the power of joining body and mind.


What Is Your Body?

It’s less than we think. It’s far more than we know. Contemplate the deeper reality of the body with Buddhist teacher Norman Fischer.

Body and Me

Body was 375 pounds. Ira Sukrungruang bares his soul about their complicated relationship.


Now the Bad News

The bad news is that everyone who is born will age, get sick, and die. The good news is that this suffering can be the impetus for awakening. With Rachel Neumann on birth, Lewis Richmond on old age, Stan Goldberg on illness, and Brenda Feuerstein on death.

Flesh Sex Desire

Desire is a large, hot fact of life, says Karen Connelly. Its Latin root explains why it is so compelling and magical—de sideris means "of the stars."

In the Zone

Four sports enthusiasts put their practice into play. Featuring Melvin McLeod on skiing, Liz Martin on golfing, Jaimal Yogis on surfing, and Laura Munson on riding.

Mindful Movements

Thich Nhat Hanh offers three exercises for well-being.


Thich Nhat Hanh

• Try a Little Tenderness

Feeling loved is what makes us emotionally secure, but what if we didn't feel cared for as children? Tara Bennett-Goleman on how we can develop a secure emotional base.

Also inside: "Through the Gateway of the Senses," by Francesca Fremantle.

other voices

The Great Reversal

Putting others first—it's the great switch that changes everything. It cuts samsara at the root and plants the seed of enlightenment. Sakyong Mipham on how to be a bodhisattva.


Sakyong Mipham: His best from the Shambhala Sun

Metta for Broken Men

After the loss of her brother, Ellen Watters Sullivan encountered a family legacy of shame as old as the American South itself. Could she cultivate compassion for her slaveholder ancestors, their victims, and herself?

Why I Quit Facebook

What if our online life gets in the way of our flesh and blood connections? Sumi Loundon Kim on how she cut the wireless tether. (It wasn't easy.)

For Love of Nature: Q&A with Jane Goodall

The biologist and ethologist talks with Andrea Miller about the compassion of animals, the power of trees, what we can all do to effect positive change in the world.


Books in Brief

Andrea Miller reviews new titles from Shozan Jack Haubner, Robert Rosenbaum, Michael Sowder, Sister Chan Khong, and more.

About a Poem: Geoffrey Shugen Arnold on Yumus Emre's "Those Who Learned to Be Truly Human"

Plus: Brian Brett reviews Ruth Ozeki's new novel, A Tale for the Time Being.

Shambhala Sun
, July 2013, Volume Twenty One, Number 6.

On the cover: Dead Sea 6, 2011, by Spencer Tunick.

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