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Look inside the January 2014 Shambhala Sun magazine

FEATURING: Andrea Miller's transformational retreat and interview with THICH NHAT HANH; Six Buddhist teachers on Joyful Giving; JACK KORNFIELD and JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN on what makes us free; LARRY ROSENBERG on the Buddha's famous exhortation, "Be a Lamp Unto Yourself"; RAM DASS, JUDY LIEF, GINA SHARPE, ANYEN RINPOCHE, book reviews, and more.

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this issue's editorial:

This Laughing, Hurting, Busy World

The Shambhala Sun's ANDREA MILLER reflects on the nourishment of sangha.


Be a Lamp Unto Yourself

The freedom that Buddhism offers can't be found if you don't ask questions—about the teachings, the teachers, and yourself. LARRY ROSENBERG on how to cultivate a spirit of inquiry, even skepticism, to illuminate your path.

What Makes Us Free?

Insight. Loving-kindness. Cultivating what's wholesome. And making them real in our lives every day. These are what make us free, say Insight meditation teachers JACK KORNFIELD and JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN.

Plus: Jack Kornfield on How to do Metta | Spirit Rock at Twenty-five

Joyful Giving

Six Buddhist teachers — KAREN MAEZEN MILLER, JUDY LIEF, JAN CHOZEN BAYS, GINA SHARPE, NORMAN FISCHER, and TSULTRIM ALLIONE — on why generosity is the starting place of all the virtues.

The Tears I Shed Yesterday Have Become Rain

Each of us, Thich Nhat Hanh teaches, has the capacity to transform our suffering. ANDREA MILLER joins him and his students at Blue Cliff Monastery in the Catskills to practice for peace and happiness—for themselves and the world.

You Have the Buddha in You

In this exclusive interview, THICH NHAT HANH reveals details about his family, sheds light on a little-known Buddhist master, and explains how—if you have mindful ears and mindful eyes—the Buddha is always teaching.

Before He Melts Away

His son has been cancer free for six years now, but for JAMES HANMER, the meaning of Frosty the Snowman has changed forever.

other voices

True Listening

SAKYONG MIPHAM on listening as a kind of auditory meditation—and an important way to gain wisdom and insight.

Dad's Happiness 

Why, ANN NICHOLS wondered, should her widowed father face the rest of his life without even the possibility of romance?

In Search of the Genuine

ANYEN RINPOCHE and ALLISON CHOYING ZANGMO on cutting through our hidden agendas and bringing a positive and unselfish motivation to all we do.

Poem of Silence

With just seventeen syllables, the essence of haiku is what isn't said. MARY ROSE O'REILLEY on reciting Basho to the Northwestern forest.


Being Here

As Grist for the Mill, the classic book by Ram Dass (with Stephen Levine) is re-released, MIRABAI BUSH offers a first-hand appreciation of its author.

Books in Brief

This issue's roundup features books on Buddhism, yoga, psychology, and haiku.

About a Poem

GENINE LENTINE on Gabrielle Calvocoressi's "The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhart"

Shambhala Sun
, January 2014, Volume Twenty Two, Number 3. Cover photo: Thich Nhat Hanh, photographed by Paul Davis.

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