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Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation: The Shambhala Sun offers a diverse selection of teachings on mindfulness meditation, from the Theravada and Insight traditions of Buddhism.

Mindfulness meditation, mindful meditating

Theravada Buddhism and the Insight meditation movement teach the oldest form of the Buddha’s teaching. The central technique, Vipassana, applies the concentrated mind of meditation to examine experience closely in order to understand the true nature of mind and its objects.

Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, and Sharon Salzberg are among the most prominent teachers of mindful meditation in America. They drew their inspiration from Burmese meditation masters Mahasi Sayadaw and U Ba Khin, and from the Thai forest tradition of Ajahn Chah. Enjoy this extensive archive of teachings from masters of Vipassana meditation and Theravada teaching.

The Only Choice is Kindness

"Life is so difficult, how can we be anything but kind"—it was these words that inspired Sylvia Boorstein to follow the Buddhist path. Steve Silberman talks with her about the challenges of life, from a rough childhood to a post-partum depression, that helped her become such a beloved teacher—and example—of Buddhist virtues.

Here, Now, Aware: The Power of Mindfulness

It's the essence of the contemplative path and the key to transforming our lives. In this teaching from his new book, A Heart Full of Peace, Insight Meditation teacher Joseph Goldstein describes the simple yet profound expression of our mind's natural awareness.

Doing the Buddha's Practice

Mindfulness/awareness was the meditation the Buddha himself practiced and taught. It was his basic prescription for human suffering. Looking at life with an open and nonjudgemental attention, we see our confusion and develop insight. This is the basis of all Buddhist practice and the key to liberation.

Building Your Mental Muscles

Meditators and musclemen don’t seem to have much in common, but Thanissaro Bhikkhu says meditators can learn a lot from the techniques of strength training.

Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana Meditation aims at personal transformation. Through understanding and awareness we retrain the mind and life becomes a glide instead of a struggle. A teaching from Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana.

The Trustworthy Heart

After years of spiritual practice, Jack Kornfield found he had emotional and relationship issues still unaddressed. Since then, he has become a pioneer in joining Buddhist meditation with Western psychology.

Start With a Flower: Alice Walker & Sharon Salzberg

"In speaking about metta practice, or loving-kindness practice, one of the hardest things is not to sentimentalize. That’s especially hard in our society, where the whole idea of love can be degraded and considered a weakness. But in your books, the power, the actual life force and potency of loving-kindness, comes through so strongly." Sharon Salzberg talks to the author of The Color Purple.

Generosity's Perfection 

Giving up, giving in, just plain giving—Sharon Salzberg says that generosity is the truly transformative experience. Generosity opens our heart, frees us from attachment and is the basis of all good qualities. It’s the foundation of the Buddhist path.

Mindfulness, Compassion, & Wisdom, Three Means To Peace

Joseph Goldstein on how three principles of meditation can be applied to the world's conflicts. The method is mindfulness, the expression is compassion, and the essence is wisdom.

Creating a Good Ground For Meditation

Meditation isn't a one-way street—you can’t just meditate and your life will get better. You have to change the way you live to improve your meditation. Thanissaro Bhikkhu outlines five principles of the ethical, restrained life conducive to meditation practice.

How to Practice Vipassana Insight Meditation

Step-by-Step instructions on how to do this important meditation practice, the foundation of all Buddhist meditations, from the famed Vipassana master Sayadaw U Pandita.

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