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E. Gene Smith documentary needs your help

The makers of Digital Dharma, the documentary about the late, legendary Tibetologist E. Gene Smith — learn all about it, and him, in our previous coverage, including film clips and more — report: “We already have thousands of dollars backed on our Kickstarter campaign to help cover the costs of completing the score, sound mix and color correction for the feature-length film, but we will also need funds to edit the 52-minute broadcast version that will be distributed globally.

But unless we raise another $11,332 in the next 65 hours, we may have nothing to distribute.” Click here to pitch in.

Help make “Digital Dharma” a reality

Last month we shared clips from Digital Dharma, the documentary-in-progress from filmmaker Dafna Yachin, about E. Gene Smith, who spent fifty years finding, preserving, and digitizing more than 20,000 volumes of ancient Tibetan Buddhist text. It’s an incredible story, well told, but the film will only be completed if Dafna can raise $30,000 through a Kickstarter campaign.  She’s currently close to $9000, but has only 2 weeks to raise the remaining $21,000. Without your support, the story of Gene and the struggle to save Tibetan texts and culture will not be told. Want to help? Click here to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign — and see clips from the movie.

Watch our last two exclusive “Digital Dharma” clips

Our private screening contest is over — congratulations, Michael Dorfman! — but there’s still a bit more Digital Dharma to share with you. That is, we’re offering two more exclusive clips from the documentary about E. Gene Smith, who died one year ago this Friday. Watch them below. We also hope you’ll consider honoring Gene’s memory and mission of preserving and digitizing irreplaceable Tibetan Buddhist texts by contributing to Digital Dharma’s Kickstarter campaign. Read More »

Watch two more exclusive clips from the new documentary, “Digital Dharma”

Buddhadharma News is pleased to present more exclusive clips from Digital Dharma, the documentary about the life and work of the late, legendary Tibetologist E. Gene Smith. (December 16 will mark the one-year anniversary of Gene’s passing.) Click through here to watch two new clips — “The Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center” and “Matthieu Ricard and Gene Smith” — and for links to previous clips, as well as info on how you can win your own private Digital Dharma screening.* Read More »

Watch an exclusive clip from E. Gene Smith documentary “Digital Dharma” — and enter to win a private screening

E. Gene Smith examines a text in this still from "Digital Dharma."

On December 15, 2011, noting the first anniversary of the passing of legendary Tibetologist E. Gene Smith, the Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation will celebrate his life and host a private screening of the documentary about Smith, Digital Dharma — an epic story of cultural rescue, and how one man’s mission became the catalyst for an international movement to provide free access to the story of a people.

Thanks to the people behind the film, we’re able to share exclusive video clips — and offer you the chance to have a Digital Dharma screening* of your own. Click through for details and to watch an exclusive Digital Dharma clip — “Gene Smith and his legendary collection of books” — the first of several to be hosted here on Buddhadharma News. Read More »

Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center to move to Boston area

We’ve been talking a lot about the late E. Gene Smith here this week; now there’s related breaking news, by way of Jeff Wallman, Executive Director of the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (of which the legendary Smith was the founder):

“On behalf of the Board of Directors of TBRC, I am pleased to announce TBRC is moving our US office in the coming year 2012. In order to expand on our success and further develop our resources, we will relocate our research, text preservation and administrative operations to the Cambridge/Boston area, where we can take advantage of the rich opportunities in Tibetan studies and information technology at universities and research institutions there. Read More »